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Managing Budgets and Forecasts

In today’s climate accurate budgeting and forecasting has never been as critical. Company decisions pivot on the ability to budget quickly and easily and see your full exposure on a wide range of levels. Our integrated budgeting and forecasting features are included as standard with iplicit, and enables true multi-dimensional, multi-legal entity budgets with genuine ease across financials, timesheets, jobs and legal entities to name but a few.

Management and key users can view their budgets, actual values and forecasts live at any time within iplicit without the need to export out to Excel and without time consuming external preparation and reporting. One version of the truth, always.

Flexible Multi-Level Budgeting

Budgeting shouldn’t be a system afterthought. Our multi-dimensional General Ledger enables businesses and organisation in all sectors to design their own general ledger detail and layout, to configure unlimited levels of attributes and analysis levels to truly understand their operations in detail. Our budgeting and forecasting allow you to expand on these powerful General Ledger features to replicate numerous levels of dimensions and analysis from a budgeting perspective.

Why not easily forecast and re-forecast at departmental, area , project or legal entity level and change as your needs evolve?

Our automated workflows enable such re-forecasts to be sent for management approval and once approved the new forecast will be incorporated into the broader full organisational forecast seamlessly.

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