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Core Accounting

A multi-jurisdictional, multi-legal entry, multi-currency comprehensive True-Cloud accounting solution. Designed with the latest in Cloud technology, we have harnessed our many decades of ERP accounting software to really deliver exceptional core accounting functionality in the cloud that will genuinely surprise.

Iplicit is designed for the frustrated legacy/server-based accounting software user, and the entry-level cloud user who is daunted by the leap to massive expensive cloud solutions. iplict offers the perfect sweet spot between cloud technology and end user functionality. We deliver unrivalled flexibility across mid-sized to ERP businesses and Not-For-Profit organisations.

“I really like the way you can make it your own system, tailored exactly the way you want it to work.”

Helen Bristow (Head of Finance)
iplicit user

Cloud Accounting Features

Customer Quotes and Invoices

Exceptional workflow automation through quotation to order, and delivery to sales invoicing. Incorporate text lines, full stock control SKU’s, timesheets and projects/jobs. Configure recurring invoices from within iplicit itself or receive in from external systems via our powerful API’s.

Purchase Orders and Supplier Invoices

Requisition and order approval workflows tailored to your unique requirements, easy template driven data entry. Fully integrated with our Project, Timesheets & services, SKU product items, text only lines, requisitions and orders can be easily entered, approved and communicated to your suppliers. Easily receive in goods and services and update your available stock. Tag and match through to deliveries, invoices and subsequent seamless supplier payments.

Cash Management and Bank Reconciliation

Why should cash management and bank reconciliations be a time-consuming nightmare.  Why not send electronic payments through iplicit to your bank,  import your bank  or credit card statements, use Machine Learning AI to automate your matching and complete in minutes what used to take hours every month.

Credit Control

Credit Control used to be time consuming and challenging. Manage your collections and debts across your customer base with bespoke credit terms and escalation stages. Easy to use aged debt reporting, automatic reminders, task / reminder scheduling, automated statements and client reminder letters and emails.

VAT Returns

With Multi-jurisdictional VAT at its heart, iplicit easily caters for Irish VAT, UK VAT and even other jurisdictions, all from the one legal entity. The days of having cumbersome VAT reporting or separate software entities for each jurisdiction are a thing of the past.

Expenses and Timesheets

Whether you process expense claims and timesheets for internal staff, external contractors, temporary staff, professional services billing, or volunteers submitting expenses, iplicit caters for the full gambit. Easy approval workflows depending on the individual, their department, project or line manager with full visibility throughout the process, saving submitters and approvers hours every month.


Separate your payment responsibilities and processes by legal entity, internal or external staff and suppliers, smoothly and efficiently with full workflow approval and multi-currency payments as the heart of iplicit.

Period End Accounts

User definable custom periods to suit how your business operates. Avail of our end of period tools, automated disbursements, smooth roll-over and all without clunky forced period posting and restrictions. A full open period solution giving the best of all worlds for your management needs. Close your periods and years in a fraction of the time it took historically.

Approval Workflows

In todays dispersed world, workflow approvals are more important than ever. Designed with approvals throughout, you can design custom approval processes to suit your projects, departments, line management escalations, legal entities, and evolve as your needs evolve. Route and escalate your approval requests automatically and seamlessly protecting your business and your finances.

Multi-currency and Multi-company Management

Multiple legal entities, multi-currency, and multi-VAT jurisdiction functionality needs to be developed in accounting software at its conception, rather than an after-thought. These pillars are the very foundation of iplicit, and the strength of our design is a game-changer.

We know the frustrations of restricted solutions and have ensured iplicit takes our flexibility to another level. Reduce your complexities and frustrations by managing all your trading entities together. Transact, report ,and reconcile in multiple currencies through all your legal entities as standard.

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