Become a Partner/Referring Partner

We believe in the flexibility of software partners, consultants, and accountants to choose their level of relationship and consultative referral with iplicit.

We recognise that many Irish consultants, accountants in practice, and indeed our esteemed accounting software competitors have existing relationships with historic legacy software providers and organisations. We do not expect our partners to rescind or cease those relationships. Your long-standing relationships are important to you and your clients.

However, what if your clients need a True-Cloud solution?

What if your clients need a more functional more modern cloud solution?

What if your current software partners just can’t tick all the boxes that your more digitally-aware and discerning clients need now that they have outgrown their legacy or entry-level solutions?

Why not offer the latest award-winning solutions for your clients to consider?

Why not contact us to become a

  • Full iplicit partner
  • Referral partner
  • Accounting practice referral partner
  • Accounting practice bureau provider
  • Embedded OEM 3rd party provider

    Have a general enquiry?

    Unlike most companies these days that prefer to direct you to FAQ rather than divulge a phone number, we’d love to speak with you!  If you can’t find what you need or have seen enough and would now like a conversation, drop us a line and we’ll arrange a suitable time to call.