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Finance and accounting

Finance and accounting are at the heart of iplicit. When it comes to business finance you might expect any ERP solution to cover all the basics, but you would be amazed at the innovation and comprehensive breadth and depth of functionality delivered within iplicit.

Customer quotations and invoices

Create and send branded quotes and invoices with workflow approvals as standard. Sales quotations  can convert to invoices in a click. Invoices can be based on product items  supplied, jobs or  timesheets completed, regular charges, data from other systems or simply created on an ad-hoc basis.  Invoices and quotes can be workflow routed before emailing and stored in the in-built document repository.


Purchase orders and supplier invoices

Generate purchase orders and requisitions quickly, link them to your products and services, send them automatically for authorisation and then out to your suppliers. When items are received, issue receipts and take care of stock control. It is easy to log, electronically approve and settle supplier invoices too. Use our ‘quick payment’ options or schedule payments in a batch . Thereafter prioritise payments with the ‘aged creditors’ tool for seamless and efficient payment runs.


Cash management and bank reconciliation

Auditing and reconciling your financial transactions are no longer laborious tasks. With imported bank statements, iplicit recognises transactions based on AI rules and previous patterns/history. Simply check and click OK. Cash receipts and payments are easily documented, including printing, or emailing appropriate receipts. You will  always know your cash position across multiple currency bank accounts. Our unique cashflow forecasting enables you to monitor your cash situation based on outstanding and regularly recurring transactions, plus predicted income, and expenditure.


Credit control

Manage your credit control risks effortlessly. Monitor your collection performance across all customers, projects and any other criteria you wish to use. Easily configure aged debt reporting to see where to focus your key activities and of course, automatically issue statements and reminder letters.



VAT returns

Your commercial tax responsibilities are easily catered for. Using tax codes, rates and multi-jurisdictional tax systems to generate the figures you need your returns. Produce a VAT estimate at any time and, when you are ready, automatically submit your returns to Irish Revenue, HMRC or others return to HMRC.


Expenses and timesheets

Colleagues can use iplicit to record and submit their expenses claims and project timesheets. Line management can review expenses, and time can be assigned to a cost centre, department and/or a project to monitor performance and efficiency. This information can also be fed  through to your sales invoices.



However you choose to pay your staff and suppliers, iplicit eases the process – from making quick on-demand payments to an individual or company to processing multiple creditor transactions based on your selection criteria. Authorisation, reporting, and multi-currency payment files are all there for you.


Period end accounts

Manage accounting transactions for key business periods seamlessly.  You can ensure month-end control checks, reconciliations and accounting adjustments are completed to meet key management reporting deadlines whilst still trading into the following periods. You can also lock down transaction postings, ensuring that data is always entered in the correct accounting period. Throughout the month-end process, iplicit will keep key personnel updated on your progress where needed.


Multi-currency and multi-company management

Iplicit handles the complexities of doing business. Manage the finances of several businesses together within the one application. Enter transactions in multiple currencies and benefit from consolidation and  reports in your favoured currencies.


Shares and dividends

Configure your company’s share classes & shareholders and iplicit will process your dividend payments into the ledgers, just like any other creditor transaction. iplicit also takes account of any future share issues, movements, and allocations. At any point, you can view share movements, including the breakdown of share classes, and dividend declarations.Your commercial tax responsibilities are easily catered for. Using tax codes, rates and multi-jurisdictional tax systems to generate your returns. Produce a VAT estimate at any time and, when you are ready, automatically submit your returns to Irish Revenue, HMRC or others.

Resource and project management

Iplicit is the go-to place for all your key business data, even pulling in external data from your existing 3rd party systems to limit any duplication of effort. Being in one central place also means that you can cross-reference transactional information, run a myriad of valuable reports and analyse your business efficiently and comprehensively without effort.

Contact management

Data on customers, leads, suppliers and employees are available wherever you are, together with their relevant transactional records. Store important correspondence in your document repository and link these directly to relevant contacts. Furthermore, if you use third-party software for any of this information, iplicit can integrate with all the leading 3rd party solutions.


People resource management

It is your people that make a business, which is why iplicit is also your integrated HR tool. Maintain employee records, manage absence and holidays, roster staff with our resource scheduler and enter and store timesheets for all relevant employees, which you can also incorporate when invoicing customers.


Project management

Manage active  projects, set user tasks, monitor progress, and communicate as part of a team. Iplicit is the ideal cloud tool to manage both small and large projects and workloads. Create your own projects, assign tasks, set deadlines, and issue reminders. You can also prioritise  department or project tasks by order of importance, group them into categories, and record the project details for reporting and cost/income analysis on all your relevant transactions. 


Custom data

Iplicit easily adapts and evolves to match your needs  and expand as you expand. Any data that is relevant to your business can be recorded. One simple  example of this might be property management – recording leases, rents, service charges, valuations and more – and integrating with the rest of iplicit to invoice tenants automatically.

Dashboards, reports and enquiries

View the big picture at a glance and have easy access to highly detailed levels of analysis. iplicit provides an extensive set of standard reports and graphic analyses out of the box, and additional client–specific dashboards or reports can be easily designed during your implementation. Our phenomenally powerful enquiry system and report generator lets you drill down (or up or across) to whatever level you choose.


Dashboards give you  flexible summary charts and overviews for all aspects of your business performance: bank balances and cashflow, budgets and committed expenditure, sales analysis, purchases and expenditure, employee absence and holidays, debtors and creditors. Key data is shown graphically, instantly, with the ability to drill down for detail and with full password control. You can even create personalised dashboards comprising your most critical charts and overviews, or even link out to external BI solutions.


Comprehensive sets of reports

Working across a broad range of organisations, we have facilitated many disparate client reporting requirements over the last 20 years, As a result we have  created a comprehensive suite of great reports to give you everything you need out of the box, and all at the touch of a button.


Powerful enquiry and report generator

Start with a standard report and modify it or create your own customised reports from scratch. You can also customise any enquiry and choose to present it as tables of data, including pivot tables. There is also our unique tree functionality, which relates data to your extensive reporting hierarchal  needs. These versatile relationships are all available within your reports and enquiries. Naturally, all reports can be produced as PDFs and information can also be  exported in many formats , or you can use our unrivalled live Cloud links to Excel.

Business planning

What happens next in business really matters. It can transform everything. To make those critical big decisions for the future whether that’s next week or next year, you need the right information about your current position and the ability to forecast and model various scenarios quickly and accurately. That is exactly where iplicit steps in.

Cashflow forecasting

View a realistic, real-time forecast of cash balances across all  your bank accounts, without running a single report. Model ‘what-if’ scenarios and view their impact on your business immediately. Know your true finances and exposure  instantly  – both now and in the future – so that your key decision makers  can make critical and informed business decisions. Our built-in cashflow forecasting tools monitor your cash situation across multiple bank accounts, based on outstanding and regular transactions as well as predicted income and expenditure.


Budgeting and forecasting

Maintain budgets and forecasts at multiple levels across even multiple legal entities and incorporate these within your management reports and enquiries. You can individually choose the level of detail that suits your own way of working. Review amend and revise these quickly and easily, as often as you need in the years ahead.

Efficiency, accuracy and professionalism

Iplicit ensures that your operations are streamlined, efficient, accurate and help deliver the highest professional standards for your organisations’ workflow and operations. Our workflow engine routes and manages responsibilities seamlessly and effectively. Schedule automatic processes to save valuable time daily. Our document management puts you firmly in control of vital business documentation, while iplicits’ interconnectivity gives you instant access to information from wherever you are.

Authorisation workflow

Many organisations require a variety of authorisation processes. For instance, the approval  to purchase may be based on a value and cost centre combination (among other factors), frequently with multiple internal levels before approval. Within iplicit, all these processes can be simply set up in our workflow engine and continue to evolve as you evolve. This way, documents are routed and escalated automatically based on the many disparate rules that you define. For maximum process efficiency, cost control and visibility, use iplicit.



Easily create automated events for those important, regular tasks you must not  forget. Monthly invoices, statements and payment reminders can all be scheduled and alerted automatically. You can also schedule internal housekeeping tasks to automate period-end roll-forward or flag up areas of concern, such as customer accounts on the system without email addresses or suppliers with no bank details populated.


Document repository

Iplicit automatically stores important documents and you can add other files too. Search for key information quickly. Check documents out and back in for full version control. Sales invoices, receipts, customer statements, purchase orders, supplier remittance advice, customer reminder letters and other correspondence are available at the touch of a button.

Company-wide access

You determine exactly who sees, and who does what in iplicit. It is easy to configure and maintain a large range of diverse users, so that you can empower all the right colleagues with the correct information and responsibilities. You are in complete control, and as long as you have the internet, you have iplicit anywhere.

Unlimited user roles

You can configure and maintain an unlimited number of user roles with diverse  access rights. Define who goes where inside your system  and tailor what they can do there. Delegate as much or as little as you need, whilst  always being in complete financial control. To make it even easier, iplicit comes pre-loaded with all the roles we anticipate you might  need in your sector, and we will easily set up full access control to your exacting  requirements as part your project implementation.

Use iplicit on a PC, internet browser and phone

You can access iplicit in a variety of ways. Our PC app and remote desktop for Macs provide the comprehensive functionality needed for heavyweight iplicit use. Our browser and mobile apps offer a further highly convenient solution on the go, with all key information readily accessible and the ability to approve & authorise workflow items, including purchase orders, invoices and holiday requests.

Seamless integration

Iplicit adapts to your existing ways of working and those of other software and systems you might use. Our API interfaces are built to handle data in a wide range of industry standard formats, both Cloud and others. Simply let us know how you need to work and we can easily do the rest.

With iplicit you keep the disparate systems that work for you. Whether it is payroll, CRM, eCommerce, field service,  or any other sector specific or bespoke  software solution, we can make sure that your integration seamlessly  dovetails into iplicit during  your project deployment.


Expert implementation, training and support

No successful business software solution is complete without great people to help you get the maximum benefit. This is at the heart of our ethos and historic success.

You will find our team of Irish and UK business analysts, software professionals, and support consultants  are people-people as well as technical heads. On-site or on the end of a phone we will  always give you friendly, first class service. After all, we want you to love iplicit as much as we do !  We are ready and able to make iplicit work hard for your unique business, now and into the future. If you ever need anything, we are just a simple telephone call away.

Both the online help and the actual staffed support desk have been excellent; we’ve had very quick responses and resolutions whenever we have called.

Keith Stephenson (Director of Finance and Operations)
iplicit user

How It All Works

Iplicit’s architecture is quite special; it’s true cloud and only in the browser, but it looks and feels like a desktop application. No layer upon layer of tabs opening and probably the most intuitive navigation that you will find in the marketplace today. Take a look for yourself.