Fixed Asset Management Software

Designed to empower all your departments and processes

Integrated Fixed Asset Management Solution

iplicit’s easy to use and intuitive Fixed Asset Management Software brings time consuming asset management inside iplicit, rather than reverting to external spreadsheets or third party bolt on solutions to track and manage your assets.

Why shouldn’t you be able to manage your assets, automate your depreciation journals, manage your disposals and acquisitions  or revaluations with  full approval workflows and all within the one exceptional iplicit environment?

This truly offers an exceptional saving – and is guaranteed to make your end of month and end of year reporting and accruals far more efficient.

Fixed asset management functionality

Creating your fixed asset register

Save time and effort by simply importing your assets into iplicit to start the ball rolling. Thereafter simply create new asset records  at any time from purchase invoices, or journal postings.

Logical hierarchies

Save time finding out which department or person has that asset, or view its entire history of depreciation. Our unique group and owner hierarchies make your life so much easier with instant drill down access to all pertinent data and attachments.

Seamless asset management workflows

Financial or other queries are easier to handle with iplicit’s workflow features. Management  can immediately view who created the asset record, approved the capitalisation, changed the depreciation rules or net value ,or disposed of the item.

Track the movement and disposal of fixed assets

Simplify the steps involved when assets are being disposed of, written off, sold, or transferred to other legal entities. iplicit can easily adjust the asset records and re-calculate the item’s net book value or disposal values and create all the appropriate internal journals automatically.

Capitalise a fixed asset with automatic depreciation journals

You are no longer forced to calculate your depreciation in external spreadsheets and enter manual cumbersome journals.  iplicit calculates depreciation by whatever rules you have chosen per asset (e.g. straight line, reducing balance/double depreciation) and generates the appropriate single or multi entity journals automatically.

Simplify fixed asset reporting and analysis

With iplicit, you can view the value of all your assets across one or multiple entities. You can easily drill into the data about your assets, their history and their values, allowing you to enquire, analyse, and report in a variety of on screen ways.

Track data and documents for all your fixed assets

There is no need to manually group together assets of similar kinds, acquired at different times and with disparate depreciation schedules. iplicit lets you create parent groups (e.g. IT, vehicles, or buildings) and assign sub-assets beneath each one seamlessly.

Fixed Asset Management FAQs

Existing assets can be easily imported from spreadsheets, or new assets created from purchase invoices or journal postings.

Iplicits’ integrated fixed assets module is designed for rapid implementation, so you should have a working system in hours rather than days.

iplicit can capitalise an asset the instant that a purchase invoice is created, and/or choose to only automatically capitalise any asset over a specific value as a policy.


iplicit will apply your own rules that  have already been established and automatically create the appropriate entries in each assets’ own depreciation book.

iplicit can automatically apply depreciation by any of the following methods:

  • Straight line method
  • Reducing balance/double declining method
  • Units of production method
  • Sum of years digits method
  • Or choose your own corporate policies on demand.

iplicit is designed to automatically deduct the correct amount from the assets valuations via automatic journals at the interval you request – be that quarterly, monthly, half-yearly, daily or other corporate specific dates / periods that you might dictate.

iplicit also allows the maintenance of assets that do not have to depreciate.

It genuinely is very flexible and easy to use. The module includes simple out-of-the-box functionality which also enables the user to adapt and tailor the module and the configuration  for their own legal-entity -specific processes as required.

If an asset is sold, moved to another of your legal entities, or written off,  iplicit keeps track of all these movements for you.

Yes. iplicit does away with the historic need to record invoice details and other information in Excel. You can keep keep copies of the original invoices, warranties, photos, and any other relevant data in the system against each individual asset.

iplicit has a powerful suite of reporting, and  analysis tools  that you can use to slice and dice all financial data  relating to your  fixed assets. You can view the value of your assets  individually, or by legal entity at the touch of a button, together with the ability to drill down into any individual asset for further interrogation as needed.

Yes, the comprehensive workflow  audits allow you to view who approved the capitalisation of a fixed asset or approved changes such as asset movements, revaluations, disposal, or changes to  the life of an asset.

Of course. If an asset was purchased in a foreign currency, iplicit automatically states its value in the base currency of your organisation.

Exceptionally so! With iplicit, there is no more trawling around  for key related documents or data for your auditors’ queries. The system allows instant access to all invoices, records, and  transition histories, saving you from added wasted time and stress for your audits or even month ends.