Fully Integrated Approval Workflow For All Transactions

Backed by over 30 years expertise in successfully delivering Accounting solutions in Ireland and the UK

Essential transaction approval control across your entire dispersed organisation

With the change to a remote working model and an expectation of real time processing and responsiveness, shuffling paper invoices or transactions is a bygone practice.

Seamless and streamlined approval workflows are a must-have. Enabling the right level of control and visibility for all divisions and departments, no matter how convoluted your approval or hierarchal line management might be.

Approval workflows are at the very heart of iplicit and not an “after thought”. You will genuinely see the difference throughout our workflows. Sales and purchases, quotes, requisitions, orders, invoices, payments, timesheets, expenses, budgets can all be approved according to value, department, legal entity, project or special approval routing as may be essential to your organisation workflow.

Our multi-level and multi-dimensional  configurable rules system is tailored by our consultants to your unique requirements, and of course it can be evolved as your needs evolve into the future.

Deliver simple one– step approval on a transaction by transaction basis, or facilitate complex logic, the choice is yours.

Workflow examples

  • Purchase requisition / order approval
  • Purchase delivery note and/or purchase invoice
  • Purchase batch payments
  • New supplier creation authorisations
  • Essential specific approval of supplier bank detail changes
  • General Ledger and Departmental budget and forecast updates approval
  • Timesheet and Expense claim multi-level approval and authorisation
  • Nominal journals
  • Sales order /invoice transactions
  • Fixed Assets
  • Inter-company journals and automations

Secure Digital Approval Workflow Software

Your iplicit and internal security is enhanced using our embedded workflow approval functionality protecting your organisation against intentional fraud or costly mistakes.

Protect your organisation by ensuring that authorisation is required for new supplier creation, supplier bank detail changes, invoices and payments. Ensure that in a world of remote and hybrid connectivity, your business remains in safe hands into the future.

iplicit’s Approval Workflow features maintain audit trails and activity logs permanently, which enable you to provide full auditability on every step of the approval process, seamlessly and automatically. This  essential transparency provides confidence in your activities, budgets and expenditure, identifies any suspicious activities, while supporting  essential best practice compliance requirements.

By offering secure cloud hosting with our Microsoft Azure partners in Dublin, our Approval Workflow embedded functionality  eliminates the need for organisations to implement 3rd party bolt-on solutions to achieve the same result.

Speak to one of our product specialists to find out how iplicit accounting software can benefit your organisation.

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Insight Associates

Garry Mumford

‘Could I have an ‘I Love iplicit badge please?’ The experience we’ve had with you guys so far has been second-to-none. It has been an absolute delight. I can’t fault the desire on the part of the iplicit team to help find a solution, no matter what the challenges were during the migration.’

Third Energy

Ruth Motley

‘We looked at a number of systems in the marketplace including NetSuite, SAP, Sage and iplicit. It came down to a choice of two systems in the end, because NetSuite was unresponsive and Sage 200 seemed like a step backwards. While SAP was interesting, it was just too expensive and iplicit delivered everything we wanted at much less cost.’

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing

Keith Stephenson​

“Being able to rehearse workflows and play with configurations, without risk, has been invaluable to us and also serves to make us much more confident with customisation.”