Upgrading from server-based software to True-Cloud software

A true-cloud accounting solution with extensive functionality to rival the most complex server-based solutions, without the cumbersome overhead.

If you are currently using a server-based accounting software such Access, Pegasus, Sage, you may be considering your next step to a True-Cloud accounting solution. 

At the micro-business (entry level software) end of the market, there are two dominant true-cloud offerings that serve small businesses very well.  Similarly, for much larger organisations, the likes of MS Dynamics and Netsuite are compelling high-end choices. 

However, for the small to medium sized business with say, 20-500 staff, who have outgrown their legacy software, or indeed their first Cloud software, there are very few, cost effective, True-Cloud accounting solutions to choose from.

Over 40 man-years of development have been invested to ensure that iplicit software is not only a state-of-the-art, True Cloud offering, but is also a software suite that is overwhelmingly sympathetic to the needs of demanding organisations pushing the limits of their server-based software.  Our software exploits all the innovation and user benefits that can now be facilitated through a true-cloud-based architecture, delivering a real choice for forward-thinking companies.

The original Exchequer® team in the UK and Ireland spent over twenty years providing leading edge and aware winning accounting software solutions to thousands of organisations in Ireland and the UK.

Now that the future is cloud-based, provision of a new era of cloud solutions provides users with significant opportunities over on-premise legacy solutions. We have literally put the team back together, to provide a genuine future proofed True-Cloud alternative for all those using on-premise, legacy software who are ready to take the next step and embrace the additional flexibility and functionality now afforded by the use of genuine modern technology and software innovation.

Voted the AccountingWEB’s Enterprise Accounting / ERP solution

Want to know more?

If you can spend just  15-20 minutes, please take a look at the software videos on this site; various aspects  of functionality are presented in easy to follow  short video clips to enable you to see how it works. If you have just a little more time, however, we would recommend joining one of our regular  webinars where you can  see a live presentation of our Accounting software and can ask our Product Specialists questions relating directly to the needs of your organisation without obligation. Allow us to show you just why we are so excited about our amazing new software solution.