Taking Multi-Entity Consolidation Further

Designed to meet the complex operational and consolidation needs of organisations with multiple legal entities, iplicit delivers market-disrupting functionality in a solution with multi-entity design at its’ very foundation.

After 30 years of software design and delivery, we believe that multi-company software design and consolidation cannot be an afterthought. Organisations need their complexities considered from the outset including multi-jurisdictional capability, no 3rd party external modules or consolidation bolt-on’s, and a truly efficient single source of data entry.

The versatility of our single database design delivers true consolidation within your single cloud environment – no more external data outputs, cumbersome consolidation routines, external reporting, multiple screens, or multiple system logins and logouts.

Can you imagine a world of such simplicity and flexibility all in the one screen?

Sometimes there is a more efficient and more discerning choice and iplicit offers the perfect combination of True-Cloud browser independence, multi-legal entity, and multi-jurisdictional feature delivery.

Single Database Design

Our disruptive technology delivers one single interface in a single browser window. No more multiple programs open, separate databases, or users logging-in and out of each entity over and over. One innovatively designed single login with secure and granular access to all your permitted entities within the one screen. Easily choose which entities to view individually, collectively, or to restrict access for. Easy to maintain and expand.

Consolidation Built In

Our single database design means that consolidation is already there. Always. Simply login and see all the entities and consolidations that you are granted access to. No more extracting data for external cumbersome consolidation or 3rd party software modules. Real-time, multi-legal entity consolidation is our foundation and revolutionises the user’s experience.

Data Access Controls

iplicit enables you to restrict all access to one or many individual entities by user, group, or team basis. Individual legal entity access is transparent to manage and grants the power of multi-entity access within the one environment, but also the ability to lock down individual access rights, securely, and without risk.

Data Entry Controls

Choose to restrict availability of cost centres, departments, project codes, transactions, or records within each individual legal entity – to work the way you need to work. Plan for the real-world variables where disparate entities can be configured uniquely or offer full uniformity across your expanding group of companies. To better aid consolidation and replication, data entry controls tailors the users experience and workflow, only allowing access to what is necessary on a user by entity basis.

Multi-Jurisdictional VAT

Avail of multiple vat jurisdictions within each legal entity or group your tax returns across multiple legal entities into the one return. iplicit is designed to incorporate unlimited VAT jurisdictions within each trading entity, making your tax obligations easy to manage and internal rather than cumbersome extractions or additional territory specific datasets.

Workflow Approvals

Despite the scale of your Group, you can define multi-tiered and escalating workflow approval processes per entity, per user, per project, per value etc…  Multi-tiered approval processes instil the best in corporate governance and expenditure control. You decide the scale, complexity, and workflow routing of all your transaction approval routes for sales, purchases, nominals and even budget updates – on a per entity basis.

True Cloud

Access your multi-legal entity environment from any device on any modern browser. No servers, local software requirements, or legacy restrictions. Enable staff and management access iplicit at any time from any device in a True Cloud software.

Data Migration

Taking the pain out of system migrations, why not migrate your historic data into iplicit for future look up and access. Tailored data migration tools and innovative archive datasets take the fear and frustration out of your system migration.

Master lists

Wouldn’t it be nice to set up your next general ledger, customer, supplier, project, or analysis codes just once?  No more creating multiple records in every separate dataset. No more duplication of effort and human error. Seamless proliferation of all attributes across all your entities is how software is meant to be designed. Logically simple, efficient, and streamlined delivering true best practice and easy management of your many legal entities and groups.

25 Years Expertise

Our teams have specialised in accounting software in Ireland and the UK for over 25 years. Our expertise and sector knowledge truly compliments our amazing and versatile award-winning software to offer an unrivalled proposition and level of service.

A world without multiple datasets, or data extraction to bolt-on modules awaits. The cumbersome days of data extraction, external manipulation, and limited reporting are over. With full user and legal-entity data control, when you login to iplicit you have all your selected legal entities available for data entry, review, or interrogation. Choose the legal entity at the time of each transaction in a seamless workflow, making it efficient and intuitive for departments entering data across multiple entities at the one time.

Rather than having to go to extravagant lengths to consolidate your essential data, iplicit has consolidation already deployed as soon as you login. It is already consolidated within our one dataset, with simple and straightforward views and data controls to view or drill down to exceptional underlying data in one or multiple legal entities.

The norms of legacy consolidation and the bane of Finance departments is no more. Whether you are a group, chain, bureau, or conglomerate … there has never been as seamless a solution delivering true legal entity consolidation within one single browser and interface.

Drill Down

Drill down from any consolidated view or individual entity into the underlying transactions, original data lines, to see all attributes, postings, approval workflows and embedded supplier pdfs saved against each transaction, and all within the one interface.

Intercompany Transactions

Intercompany journals and apportionments. Automatically invoice between multiple entities, intercompany journals and accruals or use our Automation Centre to create specific back-to-back transactions with user-defined criteria. Match one payment or receipt against multiple transactions across multiple entities. Apply tailored workflow approvals as needed throughout. Simple processes exponentially streamlined.

Custom Management Periods

Do you operate uniform reporting periods, or do you need to create unlimited date-based management periods on a per-entity basis?  13 periods, 52 periods, or any entity specific date range. All with simple period end processing, rollover, and management.

Supplier Invoice Images

No need for 3rd party scanning software. With full multi-tiered approval workflows on all your requisitions, you can “drag and drop” your supplier emailed invoice or any related quotes, confirmations, or related documents against your transactions without the need to go to external 3rd party software.

Audit Trail

Workflow approval and detailed audit trails are essential in complex multi-tiered organisations. Full visibility of the essential flows, processes, and transaction creation and edits to offer security and confidence in your dispersed organisation.

API Integration

Enhance your data flow from myriad third party systems with streamlined API connections, or straightforward standard import routines or custom integrations. Improve efficiencies and reduce human error with streamlined data transfer and automation throughout your software family.

Machine Learning

Machine learning learns from what you do. It creates intelligent rules and automations to improve your experience, speeds up your processes and data entry, and revolutionises time consuming areas like bank reconciliations which can be enhanced and learn as you use it.

Automated Transactions

Avoid repetitive data entry by configuring automatic transaction creation of all transaction types, or even specific event triggers where transaction A creation can automatically create a corresponding transaction B, or journal C, even within multiple legal entities.

Full App Functionality

In a True-Cloud world your smartphone or tablet App should be as versatile as your full browser experience. The iplicit App perfectly complements our full multi-device multi-browser agnostic approach.

Consolidated CashFlow

The ability to instantly view your cash holdings and report on cash flow across all your entities is essential in larger organisations. iplicit makes it easy to keep your finger on the financial pulse of your group.

Having all the functionality in one place is massively beneficial. We had an awful lot of things hanging around the edge of the old system. But now with one consistent interface and sign-in, it’s so much more manageable. Structurally, it also works a lot better and suddenly, database synchronisation is a thing of the past.

Garry Mumford, iplicit user and client MD

Facilitating your future needs

One similarity between all expanding groups is that they … expand.

Seems obvious, however adding new legal entities to older legacy systems, or even a simple task such as implementing a new user or new general ledger or analysis code across multiple company datasets is not simple nor seamless in legacy software.

We know the frustrations of having to maintain multiple datasets manually, rife with human error, changing reports, manual configuration, and non-productive time.

Create your new user, general ledger code, analysis code, project, customer, or supplier just once and present it for usage in all relevant entities quickly and simply. That’s it.  Simple processes designed to deliver the most benefit.

Iplicits’ design is designed to save you valuable management time, enforce compliance, prevent human error, and streamline your accounting processes.

A world of data control and data entry control

There is no need to trade data restrictions against a single database concept. iplicits’ modern software design incorporates extensive data access control and data entry control. So, whilst Iplicit is a singe database encompassing all your legal entities, you can grant granular access rights to teams, or individuals to one, some, or all single legal entities. (Data Access Control)

Even within each permitted legal entity, you then have granular access to data entry control enabling / limiting access to an extensive range of attributes, from general ledger codes, projects, cost centres departments, specific transaction types, and even customer or supplier groups. (Data Entry Control)

Discerning organisations no longer need separate datasets and cumbersome operations to ensure data control. iplicit is designed from inception to deliver unrivalled multi-entity control and management.


Is your current analysis limited by a set numbers of fields on each transaction line?  Not only can you have an unlimited number of analytical and reporting attributes on each transaction line you can configure each transaction or transaction-type to have completely different analysis options on each different transaction. Increase or decrease your analysis levels based on each transaction and what you want and how you need to report, not the systems defaults.


Extend your budgeting across general ledger codes, analysis attributes, and individual legal entities. Rollup budgets from subgroups or entities into consolidated budgets and easily view comparisons against actuals, other legal entities, performance, and future forecasts. Track all budget changes and even approved budget revisions in our seamless workflow.

Business Intelligence

For organisations with their own external BI such as Power BI, why not avail of our PowerBI links. Retain your external reporting prowess by interrogating iplicits’ data directly. Or use our inbuilt dashboards, queries, on-screen customisable views, drilldowns and reports, or our live links to Excel, to assist your essential KPI reporting.

Live Excel integration

We know that Accountants like Excel. Excel for us is an integral part of your reporting story. Our live links to Excel give dynamic and drillable access to your underlying iplicit data whether its Excel in the cloud, or locally.  Have the best of both worlds with internal access to data within iplicit, in addition to our unique Excel integration that really takes your Excel reporting and data interrogation to another level.


Easily manage apportionments within one or multiple legal entities, at time of transaction entry, or easy month end accruals and inter-company journals/invoices

Consolidate Inside iplicit, Not Outside

No need to extract data outside of iplicit for consolidation. Why not see it all, onscreen at the touch of a button…. choose to export to report/publish the entities you wish to consolidate and report on, in-screen and on demand, on your full browser or Management App without separate consolidation modules.

Template Transactions

An unlimited number of templates for each transaction type allow you to pre-populate the most complex of your repetitive transactions whether internally or as a bureau with lots of repetition. Multiple template variations can be configured to suit role, department, service, branch, legal entity, user, or specific requirements.

Imports From 3rd Parties

Streamline your data processing with easy CSV file or API linked data imports from your 3rd party operational systems. Sales, services, purchasing, timesheets, or stock based.

Muti Currency

Multi-Currency functionality throughout all ledgers. Simple revaluation processes, visibility of previous exchange rates, and API links to 3rd party Exchange rate software to automatically update your exchange rates.

Other systems we reviewed seemed very rigid in comparison; we were often told ‘it can’t do this “or “it can do that’ – a sort of ‘like it or lump it’ approach, whereas the iplicit team was much more focused on what we needed to achieve as a Finance Team.

Tara Moran, iplicit user and Finance Manager​

The future of the Bureau

Iplicit extends its multi-entity Cloud functionality from trading enterprises and charities to the unique needs of accounting bureaus. Bureau services have evolved past simple outsourced data entry. A thriving sector that has grown in complexity and service expectations, successful bureaus need to offer more than simple data entry.

You need a multi legal-entity solution that does not require users to login and out each time they visit another company or doesn’t require multiple datasets open at the same time. You need automatic transactions, template driven transactions that pre-populate themselves, eliminating historic repetitive data entry.

Why not grant your clients access to their data online, offer app-based approvals, requisitions, and daily or weekly KPI reporting? In- app dashboards, or unlimited drill down to their actual transactions, and posting entries all at the touch of a button.

What’s more, when migrating from your legacy bureau accounting software, we can easily import all your client historic data reducing your software license archive costs and maintenance of multiple systems.

Extend your clients usage to timesheets, projects, inventory, assets, integrations and so much more.

Enhance your practice, enable your users to become more efficient, automate the repetitive tasks, avoid repeat and duplicate date entry, iplicit will help you become a lean, digital-first, best of breed partner. Help us keep your operational costs down and deliver a real return on investment as you seek to define and distance your offerings from that of the legacy competition.

With attractive bureau pricing and easy client and data expansion and futureproofing, talk to us today to find out more.

We also have all our related documents linked electronically within iplicit, using the document manager function. This means that we can immediately drill down to any relevant paperwork that you need. We don’t have to go back to the filing cabinet in the office as everything is now stored digitally in the system. It’s actually a joy to be able to drill down from any place you’re at within the system and see any relevant information.

Ruth Motley, iplicit user and Finance Manager​​

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Garry Mumford

‘Could I have an ‘I Love iplicit badge please?’ The experience we’ve had with you guys so far has been second-to-none. It has been an absolute delight. I can’t fault the desire on the part of the iplicit team to help find a solution, no matter what the challenges were during the migration.’

MJ Flood

Tara Moran

“As for the product itself, I just love it! Everything is so easy and so accessible, and it has a very modern user interface.”

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Sandra Tcheumeni Boschet

“The timesaving we experience with iplicit is enormous! We are currently preparing our year-end process, and already we are saving six weeks consolidating the various project balance sheets from various Quickbooks versions.”