Cloud accounting for Not for Profit Organisations & Charities

We know the Challenges of Charity and Not-for-Profit Finance Departments.

Our 25 years of experience with Irish Charities together with our award-winning True-Cloud accounting software tailored for your complex needs, delivers a combined and unrivalled combination that we would love to discuss with you

We Understand Charities

Iplicit has the needs of not-for-profits as its heart. We understand the complex challenges in fund management, restricted funding, SORP Reporting  and complex approvals  that charities of all sizes now face.

We understand that you need an Accounting solution that is flexible, customisable for your evolving needs, easy to use for all levels of users, and that will help you save time, improve productivity, reduce costs, and achieve full visibility and transparency for colleagues and trustees/board members alike.


No more connectivity issues or delays. Access iplicit at any time, from anywhere, on any internet enabled device, with full security.


With fund management, SORP and SOFA reporting, activity & service analysis, and full visibility for all stakeholders including project managers, finance, trustees, board members and the HSE


In a world of changing work practices, now is the time to adopt secure and prudent spend control and approval workflows. Our efficient and fully configurable approval workflows deliver this protection and improves your confidence and ability to audit all your expenditure requests and spend approvals.

We Understand What Charities Need

Our 25 years of working closely with Irish charities, and decades of software development expertise have combined to develop our award-winning solution that is sympathetic to your increasing complex challenges and needs 

Predictable Costs

No surprises in your monthly invoicing, purchase the SAAS licences that you need and expand as you need, with straightforward cost effective pricing models to suit all sizes of Charities  with no extra costs for support or version upgrades

Restricted & Unrestricted Funds

Increasing challenges of restricted fund allocation & management, and fund accruals are easily managed and analysed as standard

SORP Compliance

Out-of-the-box SORP and SOFA reporting as standard, together with customisable and user-tailorable reporting for the more complex charities. As your needs evolve, so too will the power of your SORP reporting

Multi-Level GL Analysis

Your complex General Ledger and activity reporting needs more than a limited structre. Our multi-level General ledger with unlimited levels of analysis on every transaction line provides the futureproofing you need for activity, projects, cost centres, departments, divisions, funds, locations, legal entities… and all as standard.

Fund Reporting

The time-consuming management of Fund reporting is simplified within iplicit. No more need for cumbersome external spreadsheets and manual manipulation. Manage all your Fund reporting, accruals and disbursements efficiently within iplicit.


Retain your current integrated solutions, or be confident of linking to other essential 3rd party solutions in the future, from Donor, Membership, CRM , or Grant management solutions using our simple to use API tools

Configurable multi-level workflow authorisation

Protect your colleagues and your organisation with tailorable and expandable workflow approvals designed to work the way you work , with a full audit trail of submissions and approvals for posterity

Staff and Volunteer Expenses

Use any web browser or our Mobile App, to allow volunteers and staff to easily enter and manage their expense claims and line management approvals. Huge time savings and efficiencies

Trustee Reporting

Board and Trustee reporting is so very simple with iplicits’ Dashboards and Management report tools, ensuring correct and secure access to key management data


Multi-currency, multi-jurisdictional, and multi-legal entity delivered as standard and so very easy to manage

Partial VAT

Partial VAT complexities and VAT Compensation Scheme reporting are surprisingly easily catered for in our intuitive VAT design


Easily create multi-dimensional budgets to suit your own internal complexities. Monitor, report , and change as your needs evolve through the year 

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Iplicit’s Advanced Reporting for Charities meets your complex and changing demands

With today’s current challenges in fund raising, expenditure and visibility, Irish charities need to be able to instantly see where they are against their budgets and forecasts, without cumbersome data extraction to Excel, time consuming manual intervention, or guesswork.

Developed with nearly three decades of working closely with Irish and UK based Charities to deliver on these essential requirements, our advanced reporting and auditing features include: –

  • Efficient and straightforward generation of activity and management reports including SORP and SOFA
  • Segregate and manage your restricted and unrestricted funding and end of period accruals/disbursements
  • Simple VAT Compensation scheme and partial VAT flexibility
  • Gain confidence to easily evolve your workflow procedures and approval practices as your needs evolve into the future

Case Studies

Find out why so many charities and non-profit organisations are making the move to iplicit

Trees for Cities

Annabel Kiddle

‘We now use the workflow authorisation functionality, so everything can be done electronically now. Previously we used to have to get people to physically sign things off and then email their approvals. With the new iplicit system, all the documents are accessible digitally, at the point of approval, so the process is remarkably faster.’

Oxford Brookes Image 1

Oxford Brookes Union

Helen Bristow

“I can’t imagine what would have happened during ‘Lockdown’ if we hadn’t upgraded to iplicit.

It’s much easier to create documents with iplicit and the team is always there to help with that, whereas our old system could seem clunky in comparison.”

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing

Keith Stephenson

“Being able to rehearse workflows and play with configurations, without risk, has been invaluable to us and also serves to make us much more confident with customisation.”

Voted the AccountingWEB’s Enterprise Accounting / ERP solution

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