Powerful GL Analysis

  • Setup unlimited levels of analysis in GL
  • Flexibility to decide desired number of levels by GL Code
  • Fully configurable ‘Data Cubes’ deliver instant insight without the need for external systems
  • Next-generation multiple user-definable Tree Views available throughout the product

Document Management​

  • Have every Document, Contract and Order at your fingertips
  • Store documents securely in the cloud
  • Attach documents to every record and transaction
  • Set your preferred keyword for different transaction types
  • Powerful search options

Intuitive Navigation

  • Access from the leading internet browsers Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari 
  • Familiar Modern Navigation
  • Quick Access Menus with Recent History and Favourites
  • User Configurable menus
  • User-defined filters
  • System-wide Global Search feature

Reporting and Dashboards

  • Gain greater insight in seconds
  • Design one ‘Enquiry’ and use it for all your reporting
  • Reports, Dashboards and Excel
  • Get one version of the truth
  • Inbuilt Dashboards makes spotting trends easy. Use the same simple tool to design reports and form designs

Bank Reconciliation

  • Automated download of bank and credit card statements
  • Reduce time on Bank Reconciliation by 80% with automated matching
  • Machine learning technology reduces time spent month on month
  • Quickly add missing transactions with auto-templates

Credit Control

  • iplicit’s Credit Controller increases Credit Control productivity
  • Automated fully configurable debt chase emails
  • Intuitive layout enables users to see all debtors, credit control notes and transactions in one easy to use screen
  • Add notes to a dedicated credit control notepad and allow grace periods
  • You can even dial straight from the software
  • We’ll help you collect your cash quickly

Excel Function Library

  • Iplicit’s Excel fx library enables simple creation of management information
  • Choose the function from the available list and complete the parameters.
  • Change the parameters at any time and the data will update live.
  • The functions can be used in both the desktop and web editions of Office365

Batch Payments

  • Simple processing for supplier and employee payments
  • Multiple filters enables easy selection of specific groups of suppliers
  • Full authorisation workflow ensure complete control
  • Integration with bank software for processing of payments


  • See how to configure Timesheet Products
  • Entering a Timesheet 
  • Approving Timesheets
  • Simple management of Timesheets 
  • Understand in seconds where people are spending their time

Stock & Inventory Management

  • Full Stock Management
  • Multiple Warehouses and Bin Locations
  • Support for SKU’s including Colour/Size
  • Sales & Purchasing Order Processing

Fixed Asset Management

  • iplicit’s integrated Fixed Asset Management software features enable organisations to simply understand key information regarding their assets and their related transactions. 
  • Manage asset records and understand cost and depreciation.

Deferred Income and Revenue Recognition

  • iplicit automates the process of calculating deferred revenue
  • The deferred income schedules are available in real time in iplicit, enabling better forecasting and oversight at the click of a button. 
  • Deferred revenue is a heavily regulated area of finance and iplicit takes care of it in line with IFRS15 and GAAP requirements. 

Data Archive

  • iplicit’s Data Archive feature enables organisations to transfer historical data from their old software into iplicit.
  • Avoid paying your old provider for costly ‘Right to Use’ (RTU) licences to access your old data.

Cloud accounting is the latest in technology that enables multi-user access from any modern browser on any device with exceptional security. Your entire organisation can work on your financial data, transactions, approvals, and day to day activities from wherever they are based, whether on the road, at home or in the office, and always view live data. By harnessing the latest in True-Cloud technology, iplicit empowers business to streamline their processes, increase automation and efficiencies and tailor your accounting software to your unique or sector specific needs.

  1. Mobile access at any time from any modern browser.
  2. A scalable, cost and time-effective alternative to expensive software purchases.
  3. Watertight security with incremental back-ups and replication and no worry !
  4. Share and collaborate across your entire organisation with ease.
  5. Vastly reduces manual paperwork and approval delays, and is far more sustainable.
  6. Delivers exceptional live control of your financial processes and key analysis needs.

Cloud accounting is exceptionally safe and secure when implemented and managed correctly, with strong encryption, automatic incremental data backups, and physical security at our Microsoft Azure data centres in Dublin. Regular authentication, security updates and the most comprehensive compliance measures, provide exceptional confidence and security.

You would be surprised at how safe your data and operations can be, with iplicit and Microsoft Azure in perfect partnership on your behalf.

Legacy or desktop accounting software require servers and / or full computer workstations and processing power for inputting and storing transactions and records. Users install the program onto their computer or servers and access the programs over a wired network. Upgrades require physical upgrading on site with related costs and upgrade down time.

Cloud accounting software is securely hosted in the cloud and removes the need for expensive servers and powerful workstations. Your data is accessed through any modern internet browser, meaning that users can log in on any device and from any location where they have internet access. It provides a secure, sustainable and cost effective solution for the modern day needs of busy accounting users.

Book a Discovery session & Demonstration workshop

In less than an hour, our friendly experts can provide you with a detailed look inside iplicit and show the benefits it can bring to your organisation. From intuitive navigation, exceptional reporting, AI automation,  multi-company consolidation and workflow approvals at it’s very heart, and many other aspects.

We know you will quickly feel at ease with our interface, witness the ease of use, and versatility, and identify areas in which to ‘drill down’ for further discussion and workshopping.


You might be surprised at how much iplicit can revolutionise your organisation and your day to day activities.