“One of the reasons that we chose iplicit was because of its flexibility to be configured around our business and the way we needed it to work. Other systems we reviewed seemed very rigid in comparison; we were often told ‘it can’t do this, or it can do that’ – a sort of ‘like it or lump it’ approach, whereas the iplicit team was much more focused on what we needed to achieve as a Finance Team.

Tara Moran (Finance Manager)
iplicit user

Quick Tour

6 Reasons why cloud finance is key for Non-Profits

Intuitive Navigation

  • Easy Access from the leading internet browsers on computers and smart devices
  • Familiar, easy to adopt, modern navigation
  • Quick Access menus with Recent History and Favourites
  • User configurable access, menus, and options
  • User-defined filters throughout your screens
  • Global Search features throughout your modules and history

Reporting and Dashboards

  • Gain greater insight across your organisation in seconds
  • Design one ‘Enquiry’ and use it for all your reporting queries
  • On screen views, reports, dashboards and live links to Excel
  • Always get one version of the truth, where and when you need it
  • Inbuilt Dashboards makes spotting trends simple.

Powerful GL Analysis

  • Create unlimited levels of analysis in your General Ledger
  • Design your own levels of analysis by each GL code and transaction
  • Fully customisable ‘Data Cubes’ deliver instant KPI’s and analysis, without the need for external reporting systems
  • Create your own context, role, area, entity- specific user-definable Tree Views

Document Management

  • View every Document, Contract and transaction at your fingertips on every device
  • Store and retrieve your documents securely in the cloud
  • Easily attach documents to every record and transaction as part of your workflow
  • Create your own preferred keywords for different transaction types and dynamic searching

Bank Reconciliation

  • Electronic download of bank and credit card statements
  • Reduce timewasting in processing your Bank Reconciliation by 80% with our automated matching
  • Constantly enhanced Machine Learning technology reduces time wasted month on month
  • Seamlessly add missing transactions with auto-templates for fast transaction creation

Credit Control

  • Inbuilt Credit Controller to increase your credit control productivity
  • Automated, fully configurable debt chase reminders and customer emails
  • Our intuitive screen designs enable users to see all debtors, credit control notes and related data in one easy to use screen
  • Add notes to your credit control notepad and manage client debt grace periods
  • Ring your customers directly from within Iplicit

Excel Function Library

  • Iplicit’s Excel fx library enables simple creation of management information in Excel directly from within Iplicit. No more complicated CSV exports
  • Choose the function required from the available list and complete the easy to enter parameters
  • Change your parameters at any time and the data will update live without any re-exporting
  • Uniquely, our functions can be used in both the desktop and the web editions of Office365

Batch Payments​

  • Simple yet versatile processing for supplier and employee payment runs
  • Configure multiple filters to assist easy selection of specific groups of payees
  • Full security and authorisation workflow ensuring complete control over all payments and expenditure
  • Integration with many banking software to send your payments


  • View our versatile Timesheet configuration options
  • Efficient and intuitive timesheet entry and multi-level approvals
  • Easy user and supervisor management of Timesheets
  • Understand in seconds where colleagues and contractors are utilising their time

Stock & Inventory Management

  • Full Stock Management
  • Multiple Warehouses and Bin Locations
  • Support for SKU’s including Colour/Size
  • Sales & Purchasing Order Processing

“Timesheet invoicing has probably had the biggest impact on us; it was life-changing! This is a task that used to be a week-long process, every month, with the old system – now it takes just half a day with iplicit!”

Laura Orchard (Financial Controller)
iplicit user

Book A Demo

In less than an hour, our solution experts can provide you with a thorough look inside the iplicit system, and how it can help your organisation. From intuitive navigation, exceptional reporting, pioneering  cloud integration with Excel, workflow approvals at it’s very heart, mobile app  and many other aspects, you will quickly feel comfortable with our interface, see the benefit it could offer to your organisation and identify areas in which to ‘drill down’ for further  discussion and workshopping.