Seamless API and 3rd Party Integration

Backed by over 30 years expertise in successfully delivering Accounting solutions in Ireland and the UK

Our Public API Makes Integrating Easy

True Cloud and API connectivity opens up a world of complimentary solutions, integrations and resulting efficiencies and cost savings.

One of the added benefits of adopting True-Cloud solutions across the disparate elements of your organisation is the ability for them to easily and seamlessly connect to each other via web API tools. Removing the historic security concerns, cumbersome re-entry or clunky CSV file imports, IT challenges and complexities.  Whether CRM, eCommerce, Bank, Membership, P2P, or 3rd party  stock or sales solutions to name just a few, the future is very much open

Report in real time with our integrated accounting software

Cloud is synonymous with easy API integration. Our public API delivers seamless connectivity between iplicit and your 3rd party solutions ensuring that you don’t have to change other integrated solutions just because you wish to move to iplicit. Our API connectivity ensures that the limitations and restrictions of legacy integration, version upgrades, and silo’d data are avoided, ensuring that you benefit from seamless data transfer,  and one version of the Truth across your various software solutions.

“We looked at a number of systems but iplicit stood out because of its look and feel and intuitive nature in the way it could be used.”

Annabel Kiddle (Head of Finance)
iplicit user

Integration Partners

We work closely with a number of best of breed partners ensuring that the benefit you can receive is not just limited to within iplicit but can be more diverse and extend to many 3rd party solutions from our key solution partners, eradicating historic silo’d data.

Our integration partners offer sector specific or function specific add-on solutions to enhance your business processes, or they can even embed iplicit in their own high-end solutions where their own accounting functionality might not be equal to the strength of iplicit

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