Our Story

Where did we begin?

A Customer-centric ethos is and always has been at the heart of iplicit and its parent company Concept Software.  With over 25 years’ experience in implementing corporate ERP solutions, the experience within our dedicated team was unparalleled in the UK and Ireland. Despite having a very successful business, the founders recognised that their success was increasingly down to solving complex legacy software solutions, which in turn meant that all such implementations were lengthy and expensive.


Every historic  implementation was ‘from scratch’ and the way in which the solutions were designed to be delivered ensured customers could not benefit from pre-configured modules that had clearly been implemented elsewhere. Yet, modern technology could now enable a far more efficient implementation and higher levels of self-service at a customer level; solutions could now be part-built with modules configured at a generic level that could save literally months in project implementation.

The team at Concept Software increasingly had a desire to provide an equally powerful ERP solution, yet at a fraction of the historic implementation cost, inconvenience and risk that would typically be associated with implementing comprehensive, complex legacy business and accounting systems.

Historically, Rob Steele & Eduardo Loigorri (the founders of Exchequer® Software Ltd) were fully centred upon software innovation and exceptional customer support.  It was a proposition that was truly ahead of its time.  So much so, that over many years, they won numerous awards for customer satisfaction and for the software solutions they had developed.  Over the decades, customers became friends and now, more recently, some 13 years after the founders sold the company, discussions with some of these friends suggested that they were becoming increasingly disenfranchised with their on-premise legacy solutions. As technology continued to move forward in the marketplace, they felt that their existing system didn’t seem to keep pace with their more modern technical needs and future cloud-centric requirements.

This awareness  was the motivation for the founders and some of the original Irish and UK  team to seize the opportunity  to create a ‘next generation’  True-Cloud solution, of which both the founders and future users could once again be proud of.

It was a remarkable natural fit right from the start. When the founders of Exchequer® and Concept Software met, both teams were genuinely focused on innovation and customer-centricity and felt that many customers and sectors, historically using a variety of legacy  and on-premise solutions, were restricted with software that was less than ideal for the new world of Cloud software evolution. Combining their passion for innovation, with a desire to harness the latest technology to deliver a state-of-the-art solution backed up by exceptional service, the newly expanded team set about pioneering a leading edge ERP proposition to seamlessly migrate users of all on-premise legacy solutions to a forward-thinking, True-Cloud-based proposition.

Designed from the ground up to disrupt historic cumbersome project norms, Implementations would now be measured in days, not months.  Complex user workflows would take hours, not days. Reporting analysis would be without limits, in real-time, and the real user experience would be second-to-none.

From this combined ethos and vision, iplicit was born.

By being able to communicate very closely and have a frequent exchange with members of the same team, it’s a completely different experience from dealing with a faceless organisation where you never talk to the same person twice.

Ruth Motley (Finance Manager)
iplicit user

Why remote working, dispersed connectivity, and enhanced reporting & analysis are driving the need for Cloud

The majority of businesses and charities now access and rely on the Cloud for some key business services, but the change to Cloud Accounting Software can often lag behind.

Whilst web back-up solutions, Office365, and some hosted CRM solutions have historically led the way, many companies are now actively seeking the extensive benefits of dispensing with their legacy, on-premise accounting software and moving to a more powerful, True-Cloud solution. In this video, several members of the iplicit team, discuss some of the concerns that customers often raise when considering upgrading their current on-premise system. Let us help you graduate to cloud safely and securely.

Our Purpose

Customers not hostages

At iplicit, we believe that customers should utilise our solutions because they chose to do so, not because they must. Our policy is not to lock people in and make it impossible to get out.

Simpler ERP

We design accounting and business solutions to be simpler to implement, operate, and integrate.

Single version of the truth

iplicit provides one version of the truth with instant reports on any metrics at the touch of a button.

Solving complex challenges

Our ethos is to cut through the complexity of cumbersome  project  implementation, report writing and training, and deliver easy to use solutions designed to solve complex problems. We believe ERP should be about timely management information at your fingertips, without cumbersome processes, external contractors and IT specialists.

Game changing code

Our purpose is to write the code that continues to change the game, disrupt the norms of legacy solutions and makes what was previously rocket science into plug and play versatile and user-friendly solutions.

Our Vision

How It All Works

The iplicit architecture is quite special; It is designed as a True-Cloud solution  to run in your browser, but look and feel like a desktop application. There is no need for layer upon layer of tabs opening & closing, and we offer probably the most intuitive navigation that you will find in the marketplace today. Please do take a look for yourself.