Your Benefits

Built to integrate​

Integration is now a necessity, so we have made this simple & straightforward. From bank statement feeds, to your payroll imports, you can retain many disparate systems that you wish to run alongside iplicit. Unlike some other software solutions, we prefer not to restrict how you wish to work.

Made to adapt​

iplicit allows you to be you, so you operate with maximum efficiency. Other business systems may try to guess at your organisations’, or sectors’ needs with frustrating limitations. With iplicit, you simply choose to record the data that is important to you, without inbuilt restrictions or cumbersome workflow.

Customisable reporting​

Easily generate a whole set of reports for instant data analysis using our wide-ranging set of standard reports, on-screen views, or dashboards, or use our templates to quickly create your own custom variations. Alternatively report through external applications, such as Excel or Power BI directly from your iplicit data.

Time-saving features​

iplicit is designed to improve the efficiency of your organisation and your valued colleagues. Our intuitive data entry screens and workflows have a simple and user-friendly design for even the most complex accounting or procedural tasks.

Seamless upgrades​

Compared to on-premise solutions, upgrading really is seamless, as there is only one live version of our application. This level of simplicity is all down to our smarter architecture, the product of 30 years’ experience in finance system implementation, and our simple aim to improve your software experience.

Your business workflow

iplicit comes with a set of versatile workflows at the heart of the software that are designed to meet many of your most regular business requirements. In addition, you can also easily create your own diverse workflow variations to reflect your unique business, departmental, or transactional workflow process.

Complete control

At a granular level, you can decide how much access you delegate and what each user can see and do in iplicit. Simply assign your colleagues to their predefined roles according to their responsibilities and have complete confidence in your data security and control.

Rapid implementation

With iplicit, there is no need to build your solution from the ground up. A fully functioning test environment can be ready in literally hours, and you can be up-and-running in days, with assistance and training from our dedicated and experienced teams.

Cloud-based software

Designed for your benefit as a true-cloud solution, with no legacy on-premise system limitations to force compromises. Our solution, iplicit is the product of literally decades of experience, innovation, and customer understanding in developing and implementing best of breed accounting solutions.

“Our finance system is not only the backbone of our business but it’s at the heart of our offering for every single client. It is the very thing that our business proposition is based upon; timely information and effective reporting. Therefore, customer support, client service and trust played a big part in our decision-making.”

Garry Mumford (Founder and Managing Director)
iplicit user

How It All Works

Iplicit’s architecture is quite special; it’s true cloud and only in the browser, but it looks and feels like a desktop application. No layer upon layer of tabs opening and probably the most intuitive navigation that you will find in the marketplace today. Take a look for yourself.