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Remote or Hybrid colleagues need the right tools to support them. Resources are now distributed across various offices, homes, serviced offices, or client sites, and more than ever your colleagues need the real-time data and connectivity to support such changes in the working structure.

Enable your colleagues to remotely access dashboards, customer and supplier data to support their key decisions, or enter a wide range of transactions across your diverse configuration, for immediate processing and/or approvals.

Mobile Accounting on the go – our app functionality


Easy to interpret, comprehensive Dashboards shine a light on your most essential facts  providing summary charts and overviews for any aspect of your business activity and performance, trading history, bank balances, cashflow, sales analysis, purchases, timesheets, absences, holidays etc…

Transaction Approval

Expenditure or timesheet approvals have become essential in the word of remote connectivity. Iplicit delivers key approval control across many elements of your data processing, ensuring visibility, accountability, and cost control throughout, without cumbersome 3rd party solutions or manual intervention.

Purchase Requisitions

Purchase requisitions or purchase orders can be configured with tailored approval workflows. Generate your transactions quickly, either product, service, or free text based. Once goods or services are received, book them in against the requisition /order ensuring stock is maintained instantly across your organisation. Supplier invoice processing and approvals are also included as standard.

Timesheet Submission

Enter your timesheets from anywhere, simplified or fully detailed. Instant automated submissions for approval to your designed line manager or project manager and even through to automatic invoicing.

Expense Management

No more employee expense spreadsheets or paper forms with stapled receipts. Save time, effort and money improving your employee expense claim processes, removing the burden and hardship. Control and visibility is maintained. Accurate cost exposure reporting is simplified, with major time savings.

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